Budget 2018 : Ripple drops 10% in Indian market after Ruling party says no place for Bitcoin in India

Ripple today dropped down by 10% in Indian market after the announcement of Budget 2018 where the finance minister of India cleared the government’s stand on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“The Government does not consider Cryptocurrencies as Legal Tender or Coin and will take all measures to eliminate the use of these Crypto Assets in Financing Illegitimate Activities or a Part of the Payment System.” – Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister of India during Budget 2018

Just after the announcement, XRP prices went down from 80 INR to 70 INR for a while and currently it has got a new support at INR 75.

Brief of Budget 2018 about Currencies

  • GoI doesn’t consider cryptocurrencies as legal tender, will take measures against its illegal usage. – FM, Arun Jaitley in Budget 2018
  • Indian government wants to use Blockchain technology for smart contacts.- Budget 2018
  • No place for Bitcoin in formal economy of demonetised India: Govt to take all steps to eliminate use of cryptocurrencies which are being used to fund illegitimate transactions – Ruling party Official twitter handle


India’s Unocoin is launching Exchange, will support these 5 cryptocurrencies

Unocoin, India’s leading crypto exchange is launching its multi currency platform for crypto traders.

In an official blog post, Unocoin has announced that they are launching a multi currency open order book exchange and this platform will support these 5 cryptocurrencies:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin cash
  3. Ripple
  4. Ethereum
  5. Litecoin

Right now Unocoin app only supports buying Bitcoin that too on a price fixed by the portal but after the crypto exchange, traders will be able to trade all the five crypto currencies in a crypt-exchange.

Unocoin is among India’s first cryptocurrency exchange and it is reknown for its hassle free transactions.

Launched in 2013, Unocoin lets customers buy, sell, store, use and accept bitcoins. The company has nearly a million unique customer logins and sees 100,000 daily transactions.

Reliance JIO Coin- How to buy ICO, price prediction and Latest Update

India’s richest person Mukesh Ambani has decided to enter into the blockchain industry and a crypto coin named ‘JIOCoin’ .

Under the leadership of Akash Ambani (the elder son of Mukesh Ambani), JIO has hired a team of 50 young professionals to work on blockchain technology.

jio coin

The company will be working on Internet of Things such as smart contacts and supply chain management logistics but the Jiocoin has suddenly become a hot topic in Indian crypto market as it will bring a lot of changes.

We have collected all the available information about JIO and we will keep updating the news section.

Jio Coin ICO Launch date

The internet is full of speculations and rumors about JIO ICO as there is no official information available from the company except the fact that a team has been working on it.

But insider information reveals that Akash Ambani is planning to launch Jio coin on 21st of July when JIO, the parent company was launched.

It is highly probably that the company will reveal more information about the launch of ICO in the last week of February.

How to buy JIO Coin

India already has seen a growth of many crypto exchanges. Being a leader in the industry Zebpay & Unocoin are probable organisations where you will be able to buy the coin.

But unconfirmed reports suggest that JIO tokens will be available for purchase using the JIO wallet.  It is highly likely that Reliance will offer coins from myjioapp or they will develop a secure wallet for the jio coins.

jio coin ico token

International traders will be able to purchase it from Binance, Coindesk or Bittrex. Further updates are awaited.

Latest News & alerts on JIO Coin

Reliance JIO denies launch of JIO Coin App  Source

More than 22 fake apps and websites are in market to scam on the name of Jio  Coin –source

This fake website is selling JIO tokens with matching domain to scam people –source

Only speculations, no official launch date yet by Reliance on JIO Coin

A team of 50+ professionals is working on blockchain technology under the leadership of Akash Ambani (Son of Mukesh Ambani) – source

Reliance Jio also aspires to get into Internet of Things (IoT) –source

Future of JIO Coin & Price prediction

Bitcoin has witness a whopping growth of over 1000% in 2017 alone. Similarly Ripple, another altcoin had a massive 33000% jump in its price, you can imagine the potential in JIO when a country of 1.2 billion will place their trust in JIO coin.

The parent company JIO has already earned an enormous amount of respect with its services and the name of Mukesh Ambani adds more trust to it.

The launch of JIO Coin will not only boost investors trust but it will affect the crypto market globally. It might break all your future price predictions.

As we already have seen the effect of Asian market on ripple,  JIO coin will attract majority of Indian investors.

The parent company JIO already owns a 12.39% market share of Indian telecom market (and growing rapidly) within 1 year of its launch. It will not be very hard to push a product. It already has a solid customer base.

The initial coin offerings will be around $1 to $1.5 (100 INR) as per unconfirmed reports.  We will update this section after we receive further input.

Fresh News on JIO Coin

Here is how we are accepting XRP as payment on our Shopify Store

We at DCryptoNation are running a store that offers Crypto Coins, T-Shirts and other crypto related brandable items.

Recently we felt the need of an alternate payment option and hence we tried Ripple as payment option . Here is our experience so far.

How this works

Right now, the customer makes a purchase and at the payment option page, they have to select XRP as Payment option.

It leads you to a page with our XRP address and tag where the customer needs to make the payment. The order amount needs to be converted from USD into XRP.

Once the payment is made, they need to send us or submit the transaction hash for confirmation.

Within 3 hours, we issue the payment and product confirmation.  Smooth, isn’t it?

xrp cutomer experience
Customers are loving it

The Reason for Choosing Ripple as  Payment

Paypal is widely used as a payment provider and almost everyone uses it for their sotre. But we ran into two major problems:

  1. High Processing Fee-  We wanted to sell the coins at a very affordable price so that everyone could have it. But the problem was with paypal.

    For a product that costs only $0.99, we had to pay $0.50+3% as a payment processing fee plus the conversion rate of USD to local currency ruins the margin.Certainly we had to find a good solution.

    Now that we are accepting XRPs, we don’t have to worry much about these all. Just a minor 0.1 XRP which is affordable.

  2. Unavailability of Paypal – Paypal is unavailable in many countries and even some of our customers wrote us about an alternative payment gateway as they were unable to pay with paypal.

Accepting XRP as payment made things easy, a customer might be unaware of Paypal but there are no chances of a Crypto coin buyer being unknown to XRP.

Upcoming Challenges

Right now, things are working pretty smooth. We are on a roll but honestly, the system setup is temporary and it needs accountability.

As a customer, there is no Payment protection (Like paypal provides) and any provision to help the customer in case of payment disputes.

But we are working on it and we also like the cryptocurrency community to help us build an app or something that could be integrated for a better and more secure transactions.

We will keep you posted on this.

Let us know what do you think about it and yea, feel free to visit our store. you might like our product.

This Indian exchange is giving you the double the amount of NEO

After a successful flash sale of Ripple, Recently launched Indian exchange bitbns.com has planned yet another flash sale for their newly listed cryptocurrency NEO.


NEO is going to be listed on bitbns this week and bitbns.com has announced another flash sale in which traders will be able to get double the amount of NEO they will buy. But there is a catch, you can only get a maximum of $8 (500 INR) worth of NEO as your free return.

Here is How you buy NEO in India

The best way to buy NEO in India is to participate in the NEO flash sale and get the NEO doubler offer.

  1. Visit the Bitbns website and register yourself. Click here to buy NEO in India
  2. Enter your email address and mobile number and verify it using the OTP.
  3. Upload your PAN card and Aadhaar card details.
  4. Fill in your bank details and wait for verification.
  5.  Within 2 days, Bitbns will verify your details, you will get your login credentials.
  6. You can buy NEO tokens easily through Bitbns dashboard. Also check NEO price in inrwhile trading. To buy NEO tokens at the discounted prices, you can also participate in NEO flash sale, which is 22nd Jan 2018.

Previous sales have been massive hit and it has helped the company get a massive organic reach among the traders.

In just a month, bitbns.com has grown exponentially a user base of 54,000+ users. Founded by the alluminis of IIT


How to buy Cindicator (CND) from India

Cindicator is skyrocketing after a recommendation from Palm Beach Confidential.

Right now CND is at $0.20 with 180% growth and as per PBC, it is expected to reach $5 mark by the end of this year.  Which has attracted many eyeballs.

Read: Future of Cindication & market prediction

Steps to buy CND from India

In India, you can not buy it directly. Here are the steps you need to take if you want to purchase CND from India

1. One account from any Indian exchange (Bitbns, Koinex, Unocoin, Zebpay)
2. One International trading account such as Binance (Here you will get CND for BTC)


1. Buy Ethereum or Litcoin from any Indian Exchange (Here you will pay them in Rupee)

Pro-Tip: Donot purchase Bitcoin as the transfer cost will be very high. Ethereum and Litcoin has a low transfer fee and fast processing. 

2. Now transfer the Ethereum or Litcoin to your Binance account. Here is a guide that explains how you do the transfer

3.  The transfer will not take much time (less than 10 mins). Once you see your Binance account with Ethereum balance, you are up for the trade.

4. Open binance and search for CND/ETH market and click on buy.

5. Make a purchase order as per your convenience. Here you will pay Ethereum for CND. That’s how your Ether will be converted into Cindication Coins.

You are good to go. Enjoy the ride.

How to Buy Cindicator Coin (CND) from anywhere in the world & its future

After a recommendation from Palm Beach Confidential letter, Cindicator (CND) with over 180% jump in a day, has made a buzz in cryptomarket.  Chats and Forums are flooded with questions about it. Here we are addressing 3 important questions about CND.

  1. What is Cindicator?
  2. How to Buy Cindicator from anywhere in the world?
  3. Future Predictions of Cindicator


What is Cidicator?

They call themselves a hybrid intelligence for asset management. Technically they are a start that wants humans with Machine AI to predict the future. The company has an app that allows anyone to predict future and it process all the predictions with its AI & Machine learning to issue market growth signals.

Anyone can download their app from their official website and start predicting. Those with correct prediction points are rewarded by the company. Know more about CND here on Coinmarketcap

How can I buy Cindicator?

$CND is currently listed on two International exchanges viz. Binance & hitbtc.com and both exchanges only deal in crypto. Which means you can not buy CND with fiat currency. Here is how you buy it.

1. Buy Bitcoin from your local exchange (In exchange of USD, INR or whatever your fiat currency is)
2. Transfer the Bitcoin to Binance or hitbtc.
3. Buy CND with the Bitcoin you just transferred.

Future prediction of Cindication

Cindication has been recommended in Palm Beach Confidential letter (A premium investment research group that issues their recommendations every week)
As soon as the letter went public, the prices soars upto 180% in a day. The current price of $CND is $0.17. However it is supposed to reach $5 as per PBC.
Here is what we think of the future of CND.

Q: When will CND cross $1?
A: As soon as Bitcoin returns back to its strong path. Usually a week or more.
Q: Can Cindication reach $5 mark in future?
A: As told in the PBC, the coin is expected to reach $5 shortly. Once the product comes into market and starts attracting big investments from large hedge funds. $5 target won’t be very tough.

We strongly recommend you to reach the Palm Beach confidential letter to understand the product before investing.

Toastwallet to add option to purchase XRP using credit card

A Newzeland based XRP wallet company Toastwallet is going to add an option that will allow its users to purchase XRP using credit card.

Before that a poll was conducted from its twitter handle asking users about their opinion on this subject and most of the users showed interest in this option.

Toastwallet further clarified that they will be adding this option soon.

This will help XRP trading better and it should be taken as a positive sign for Ripple.

Best Indian Telegram Channels for Inside knowledge of Cryptocurrency trading

If you are an Indian with interest in Cryptocurrencies and you are looking for some healthy communities on Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether or any other cryptocurrency. Telegram has a list of heaven for Crypto traders.

telegram crypto groups

Cryptotrading is slowly becoming a trend in India and  you wouldn’t want to lag behind. Recently some awesome Indian channels have been established with healthy discussion on the future of crypto currencies.

The reason why all cryptotraders are on Telegram is because Telegram allows a larger group size and has more freedom than WhatsApp.

Popular Indian Crypto Discussion Communities on Telegram

Here are some of the most popular channels. If you are aware of any channel which is not listed here, kindly comment and help us improve this list.

  1. Coindelta: https://t.me/coindelta : An official community established by the trading company Coindelta itself. This is currently the largest group on cryptos.
  2. Koinex (Unofficial): https://t.me/koinexhindi – An unofficial group with the name of popular trading platform Koinex. If you are a  hindi speaker, this community is fun.
  3. For Crypto discussion and updates – Indiabits: https://t.me/indiabits : Small but meaningful communications.
  4. Indiabitsbot: https://t.me/indiabitsbot : It is a telegram bot that will inform you about the current price of any cryptocurrency
  5. For Crypto News: https://t.me/BitcoinIndia : Get latest news on Crypto across the world.
  6. Blockchain discussion: https://t.me/blockchainedindia : Join this if you are interested in BlockChain.
  7. dCryptoNation: https://t.me/dCrypton : Our official channel to help you with crypto knowledge and regular announcements on latest trends.

NEO to be listed on bitbns, an Indian Exchange

New Delhi: NEO is going to listed on one of the most promising crypto exchange. Bitbns, an Indian crypto currency trading exchange has made a declaration of adding NEO to their current list of coins.

neo on bitbns

Earlier this week, a voting was conducted among the users asking the next coin on Bitbns, in which TRX got the maximum votes but surprising the company has made a decision of adding NEO to their stock.

In a public announcement, company executive Gaurav Dhake said “We are working on adding a new currency on our platform. It will be NEO”.

It will be the first exchange in the country to list NEO on their exchange.

NEO is one of the most promising concurrency and has shows a massive growth of 500+% last month.

You can start trading NEO on bitbns.com if you are an Indian user.